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Short intensive course to lose weight and make your body ready for the Summer.   I am shocked about it! I recently checked the stats and found out that 75% of adults in the States do not exercise or sweat enough per day to be considered healthy by government standards. This does not make a […]

Published at March 24th, 2017

March 20 marks the International Day without meat. A day when everyone is encouraged to experiment with a diet without meat. Why? What can you do? Read in this post and get our support!  Going Vegan these days means more than cultural or ethical shift, it’s more about sustainability. By 2050, we will need to […]

Published at March 19th, 2017

NY Times [2014]: Soylent Revolution will not be pleasurable. It optimizes for total sustenance at the expense of any pleasure. So while the drink might be nutritionally preferable to eating a diet of pizza, ramen and frozen dinners, I doubt it would be more pleasurable than doing so. There’s a lot of variety in pizza […]

Published at March 19th, 2017

  WCRD was inspired by President John F Kennedy who gave a speech to the US congress on 15 March 1962 in which he formally addressed the issue of consumer rights. We applied the main principles of the Consumers International (the organization behind the World Consumer Rights Day) to relationships with our own clients and […]

Published at March 14th, 2017

  If you visited Space Nutrients Station last month you might notice New Low Carb specifications. What does it bring for you? Triple less sugar (6%) to cut the risk of diabetes, Twice less carbs (20%) to boost the weight loss effect, More protein (45%) and added Inulin to help you live longer. We should […]

Published at January 22nd, 2017

Working over high protein blend we reconsidered the protein role in our body. You might be surprised, but it matters to all of us ever more than for bodybuilders. The adult person needs 200 g of old proteins to be replaced per day. Ribosome is responsible for the production of a protein in the cells. […]

Published at January 15th, 2017

After my previous posts, you already know that to live up to 120 years you need to reduce calories at least once a week down to 500 cal per day, supplement your meals with chelators and Magnesium. You also remember that I promised to make this process easy. So here is your “tool” – a […]

Published at January 8th, 2017

Detox and Protein rejuvenating sachets from Space Nutrients Station help you add Evergreen effect to your meals. Should you buy 100%FOOD to Eat like Sequoia and live up to 120 years? If you have a great wife, personal chef or love to cook yourself, consider these three things: Inulin, Chelators and Magnesium.     Inulin […]

Published at December 24th, 2016

  The price is corrected due to the blend improvements: 100%FOOD now has less sugar and added Inulin for evergreen effect. Double Protein is discontinued and replaced with Triple Protein (based on former Low Carb formula) with More protein, Less sugar, Added inulin. Ultra Low Carb replaced former Low Carb blend, has 20% carbs only […]

Published at December 21st, 2016

  Everseq is a healthy habit forming club. Using the autophagy, cell self-cleaning mechanism, won the Nobel Prize this year, Everseq helps live up to 120 years without age related diseases and cut costs 10 times compared to pharmaceuticals.    I’ve always been curious, why sequoias evergreen? Why do they not shed leaves like other […]

Published at December 12th, 2016

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