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Are you ready to test your limits? We’re ready to back you with 100%FOOD. Together we can make the impossible, possible. Like Phil and Joanna, who chose 100%FOOD as a light weight meal on a yacht race from Washington to Alaska.

Phil_and_Johanna_on _the_way_to_Alaska2

The Important Role of 100%FOOD in Supporting Team Mau on Race to Alaska

Phil and Joanna have teamed up under Team Mau as they won the first place on the Race to Alaska in their category. Such a magnificent achievement shall never be achieved unless you are physically fit and have all the right support on your side. Not only did they prepare their yacht properly, they also had compact meals with complete nutrition along the way. Instead of equipping themselves with regular foods that would increase the weight of their yacht, Joanna and Phil smartly picked out 100%FOOD as their main supply. This smart selection has eased the weight of their yacht and provided them with the extra energy to cover such a long distance at the same time. As a result, they managed to reach the end of the race before the any other yacht in their class.

Phil_and_Joanna_on _the_way_to_Alaska

If you want to win a big race, you certainly have to give your 110%. You need to break through your limits in order to achieve the highest goals. In addition to your strong motivation and maximal efforts, a help from a special kind of compact meal like 100%FOOD is more likely to boost your energy.

Joanna’s take: When we would tell other Race to Alaska participants what we would be eating they were in shock. Most of the teams had larger boats with room for stoves, pots and pans, and sometimes even refrigerators. Phil and I had a different program entirely – we wanted to make sure we could function at full capacity for long strenuous days while staying completely nourished and not having to stress about creating balanced meals. 100% Food was absolutely necessary for our success.

The yacht race that Team Mau participated in was covering a very long distance. Starting from Port Townsend, Washington and ended up in Ketchikan, Alaska, this long race required a large amount of energy, great stamina and pristine yachting. In such a long race, the spontaneous challenges along the trip are unknown. One thing’s for sure, Joanna and Phil were pretty certain that they Race to Alaska was going to be cold. It was easy for them to get hungry. In this extreme situation, every contestant should back up their body with plenty of calories. The food supply might be more important when they somehow get stranded during the race.

Team Mau just before start

There is no way that you can buy and prepare the right food in that kind of situation. Thanks to 100%FOOD, Phil and Joanna did not find any difficulty in getting enough calories during the race. This compact meal was a great source of nutrients and calories that their body needed to finish the Race to Alaska ahead of anyone else. Simply put, 100%FOOD provided extra energy to Phil and Joanna and decreased the weight of their yacht.

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Joanna’s speaking: As a side note, our favourite flavours were the “Regular Chocolate,”  We liked that they didn’t taste anything like protein powder!

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Published at July 27th, 2015