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The price is corrected due to the blend improvements:

  • 100%FOOD now has less sugar and added Inulin for evergreen effect.
  • Double Protein is discontinued and replaced with Triple Protein (based on former Low Carb formula) with More protein, Less sugar, Added inulin.
  • Ultra Low Carb replaced former Low Carb blend, has 20% carbs only with 45% of protein and released in bottles.

Terms for regular customers are improved: get 5% OFF with subscription, 30% OFF with Membership discount.

In short, what is to buy?

  • Vegan?- Choose 100%FOOD with evergreen effect.
  • Triple Protein is the best value as for bodybuilding, so for evergreen effect.
  • Low Carb is the best option for weight loss and junk protein replenishment.

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Your Green Spaceman,

Aleh Manchuliantsau

Published at December 21st, 2016