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We have friends in co-working and have a chance to observe their lunch time.  Jerry goes for a lunch to a foodcourt at a near mall. Mary brings her lunch every day in a lunch box.

Who’s lunch most convenient?

Well, it’s obvious that Mary spends less time for lunch, since Jerry needs to go the food court, wait in the line and get back. But if we take into consideration that Mary spends time for shopping and preparing her lunch - the answer isn’t so obvious.



So how do we know?

Let’s go deeper. We go to lunch to replenish our energy to make our work, right? The more energy leeds to more capacity and more results (or less time spent on these results).

Mary’s lunch box if full of vegetables with some chicken breast. Jerry loves to have hamburger with french fries, orange chicken with rice or set of sushi.

From the first site Jerry’s plate is more energy abundant and gives him advantage, while Mary gets less energy. But we forget that digestion of the solid food needs energy itself. The "heavier" the meals- the longer it takes for your body to break them down and extrapolate the nutrients. More over, if you eat more than you should- you'll feel even more tired.



Does it mean that Mary is the winner?

- It’s not clear yet. Our body needs not just food or calories, but a set of nutrients. Macro (fats, carbs, proteins) and micro nutrients (minerals and vitamins). And if your body does not get the proper set of nutrients and proportions- you won't hit 100% functionality. It’s like you drive a car on regular gas, when it needs premium.

Working over 100%FOOD, the fist thing we do is to make sure that all our blends have all nutrients our body needs. Second, we focus on easy digestion and came to conclusion that the liquid meals are the best. Third, to save your time for cooking at home we put our mixes into handy bottles.

Choosing 100%FOOD way, you may fairly expect that your lunch time takes 2 minutes. Just add water, shake and enjoy.

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Published at May 12th, 2016