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Everseq is a healthy habit forming club. Using the autophagy, cell self-cleaning mechanism, won the Nobel Prize this year, Everseq helps live up to 120 years without age related diseases and cut costs 10 times compared to pharmaceuticals. 


I’ve always been curious, why sequoias evergreen?

Why do they not shed leaves like other trees?

Why do they live longer, up to 3,500 years?



Science is what I found

Unlike deciduous trees Sequoia replaces leaves gradually. We can emulate similar approach using fasting. When the food reserves run out, the cell goes into maintenance mode. It starts the process of autophagy: the old and damaged proteins are processed, and the cell is released from the garbage accumulated in the process of life.

Food in stomach needs 12 hours for digestion. That means we can use short, one-day fasting for complete maintenance. For the full effect you need to fast once or twice a week. With the clear finish line - tomorrow you can eat whatever you want - such approach makes it easy to follow.

As sequoias age, they become so tall that osmotic pressure and a system of branching capillarity are not sufficient for water delivery to the top. capillarity are not sufficient for water delivery to the top. How did mother nature respond to this challenge?- It invented air roots that can capture water from the fog.

When we, humans, age, our metabolism slows down, we start helping our body with supplements, pills, and making regular trips to pharmacy. Recent study at Jackson Lab, Sacramento, CA led by A.Ryazanov, et. al helped to classify detoxifying substances into two classes: chelating agents (help to capture toxins) and xenobiotics (help our body to produce detoxifying agents). According to the study - best chelator is Citric Acid, while the best xenobiotic is Inulin.

The removed junk protein should be replenished. The adult person needs 200 g of old proteins to be replaced per day. Ribosome is responsible for the production of a protein in the cells. The amount of new protein depends on the number of ribosomes formed in the cells. Magnesium is the key element of ribosomes. So we either need to eat more protein or supplement your diet with Magnesium.


How To Start Autophagy


Will it work for me?

I started to eat ¼ of my daily caloric intake on Tue & Thu (yes, twice a week).

But next week-when the enthusiasm calmed down - I started to feel cravings. Aha... So it’s not going to be so easy! What if I suppress hunger with fiber rich foods?



I used regular bottles of 100%FOOD and it worked. One thing, though, I had to split one bottle into 3 intakes at 200 calories each. Later on I started to make smoothies based on 100%FOOD powder from the bag and calorie restriction days turned into a simple routine.

What do I eat on the regular days? On late hours of every Tue and Thu - my Green days - I often thought about big juicy hamburger, omelette or portion of ribs to have tomorrow. But strangely enough, the next morning came and I did not want to eat so much. I would even skip breakfast altogether. Till next time, my 6 egg omelette! During lunch the appetite spiked, as it was expected, but so did self-control over WHAT I’m eating.

I also noticed that I needed a new hole in my belt and new shorts after first week (no joking). And I even fit into my old beloved KEEN pants, which was a jewel of my achievements. During week 3 my weight stabilized and did not change since then. On week 6 I started to praise this fact even more than the weight loss itself. Because everyone who tried a diet knows that the weight comes back quickly after you stop and go back to old habits, which according to research most people do. 



My results encouraged Anastasia (100%FOOD chief mixologist) to start her own experiment. Change in diet and mindfulness eating brought a very surprising result: by the end of week 2 Anastasia pulled all her resources together (i.e.: stopped crying about the hardships of “green days”), finished all her projects, and flew to Israel for vacation. What can I say? #GoEvergreen

Upon arrival, still in Zen state of mind, Anastasia told me that this year’s Nobel Prize for Medicine was awarded for Autophagy. Encouraged by this fact, we decided to automate our Evergreen Sequoia service (Everseq) and roll it out into the masses.


Yoshinori Ohsumi


What's the Everseq?

For those of you who tried fasting, the Autophagy effect is well-known. Moreover, I bet many of you already tried it. But the habit of regular use has not been formed. So our main goal with Everseq service is to help create the habit (plant it and let it grow on you like the leaves grow on trees).


 Sign in and you will get a personal assistant to remind you about Green days (calorie reducing days), to suggest meal plans and to make you accountable.

  • You will get emails like this,
  • You will need to post updates like this or this.
  • You will need to summarise your experience like this.

Learning new habits alone is boring and often leads to finding creative ways to cheat. But if you’re in a public spectrum, you behave according to social norms and standards (at least, for the most part). So we added to the personal assistant a lifestyle supporting community on our forum (food hackers, nutritionists, fitness professionals, and experienced dieters) to support you in the critical moments.

To kick off the process, we created the challenge – a 28-day lifestyle-shaping journey guided by the personal assistant. The journey comes with the prize- FREE weekend in the Superior Room at  Wuksachi Lodge at the Sequoia National Park in California. What’s required to win? Post daily updates, follow your “green days”, and show superior results.



Science, habits, challenge… looks difficult.
Can you give us a product to grab and get the same effect?!

Well, we already have chelators and Magnesium in our mineral and vitamin mix. So we just cut the calories in the bottle to 500 cal, added inulin and increased protein.

Now you may have one bottle once, twice or thrice a week and get the same result.

Let’s look deeper at our changes.


Changes in quantity

To help you measure calorie intake during Green Days we decreased the volume per bottle to 500 cal. To help you be more flexible with your orders we decreased bottle count per case to 12.


Bottle Sets

If you have 100%FOOD as a meal replacement just for breakfast or just for lunch - 12 bottle is a perfect 2 week set. (We still offer old fashioned 21 bottle sets).

With bags we followed the same logic:

  • 6,000 cal bag contains 12x500 cal meals, 2 week set if you have it once a day.
  • 12,000 cal bag contains 24x500 cal meals, 4 week set if you have it once a day.


If you prefer to split your meals during Green Days we released 100%FOOD in smaller 200 cal bottles. 



Changes in protein

While 100%FOOD provides complete energy for your work, your muscle gain and weight loss goals need specific blends.


Ratio Changes


High protein / High carbohydrate ratios augment lean mass gains, while lower carbohydrate ratios tend to accelerate fat loss. We adjusted our blend ratios to make a better fit.

We increased the protein amount to 37.5 g per 500 cal meal, and replaced Double Protein with Triple Protein blend.

We combined Low Carb and Ultra Low Carb into one blend with 20% of carbs (25 g per 500 cal bottle) and 45% of protein (56g).

Altering the blends you have from week to week you may boost results.



We added inulin


Inulin, a fructooligosaccharide (FOS), is a soluble prebiotic fiber that is resistant to digestion and reaches the large intestine essentially intact. Intestinal probiotic bacteria consume Inulin and in turn, produce the short-chain fatty acids that nourish the cells lining the colon. Inulin thus helps to maintain intestinal health and function. 

According to the study at Jackson Lab, Sacramento, CA led by A.Ryazanov, mice fed by inulin lived 16% longer.


Inulin Lifespan

Changes reflected in nutrition facts as follows:

100%FOOD Low Carb Raw


And yes, we reduced sugar

This year FDA updated their recommendations for the added sugar content. We adjusted our formula and decreased the overall sugar content twice as low.

Without sacrificing in the taste - in 100%FOOD Raw you will get the natural taste of seeds, in Triple Protein Raw has the hint of Cinnamon, while Low Carb has vanilla hint.

All Choco blends have rich chocolate taste.


Sugar Changes


Ready to try?

Check updated blends on Space Nutrients Station home page

And check special small bottles for Green Days on Everseq page


We will keep you updated,

Aleh a.k.a. Spaceman,
100%FOOD from Space Nutrients Station,
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Published at December 12th, 2016