… Since beginning. Flight is normal!

We wanted to create a product that would change the perception of what food is.


A product that would make eating balanced.

A product that would make eating simpler.

A product that would replace all meals on the planet.


By producing one blend, second, third...we lost our focus.

And now we realized that we drifted away from our mission.

That is why we have to announce the closure of Space Nutrients Station.


Thank you for trying to change the world with us. Knowing that many of you rely on 100%FOOD to meet your daily nutrition needs, we are starting our last production cycle to give you some time to find the alternative to 100%FOOD.


This production run will be based on pre-orders for Triple Protein Choco and Low Carb Choco blends with expected deliveries in June. Expiration date for these blends will be November-15 2017.

For pre-orders, click here.

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SNS Stock Liquidation

How to redeem the code:

  1. Visit 100%FOOD website: http://www.spacenutrientsstation.com/
  2. Select any product and add to the cart
  3. Redeem code 2-FOR-1 at the checkout page

*Note that this offer is valid until stock lasts...



Your Green Spaceman,

from Space Nutrients Station


Published at April 19th, 2017