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NY Times [2014]: Soylent Revolution will not be pleasurable. It optimizes for total sustenance at the expense of any pleasure. So while the drink might be nutritionally preferable to eating a diet of pizza, ramen and frozen dinners, I doubt it would be more pleasurable than doing so. There’s a lot of variety in pizza and ramen (try each with a fried egg). Soylent, meanwhile, will always be just the same. Let’s have a look at What’s happened, What’s not happened and What’s next.



Having founded Space Nutrients Station 4 years ago, we were excited by the idea to create one and only meal, to remove any guessing- only the needed nutrients for an optimal price.

By looking deeper at the purpose nutrition serves for us humans, we figured out that since we are all different in our needs and lifestyles, our meals should be different too. Let’s have a look what’s happened.


Do we have one and only meal today?

No, we don’t. Instead we have a whole spectrum of formulations, product lines extending from powders to drinks, to snack bars, to functional products- all offered in a variety of flavors from numerous manufacturers.


Evolution of nutritionally complete meals


In addition, we now have variety of devices that ease our meal prepping. No, it’s still not a 100%FOOD Machine or Alexa-like fridge as we envisioned, but food-making gadgets are widespread:

  • Juicero makes cold pressed juices without garbage
  • Personal serving Shake-and-Go Blenders for mere $15,
  • Anova-like food thermometers to make our steaks while we’re watching TV


Easy Prep Devices


The on-request meal delivery service industry has skyrocketed:

  • Sprig for lunch orders
  • Blue Apron for dinner
  • Nature Box for snacks
  • Thrive market for everything else…


Food Tech Periodic Table, CB-Insights


How to choose your nutritionally complete meal today?

Ok, the food revolution did not happen, but if we want to have a perfect meal replacement at hand, what should we pay attention to? Nothing changed since the early days. We still want no-guessing, complete, and convenient food at the reasonable price. The time has helped us to clarify the key ingredients of a “complete meal replacement” solution:


1. Ratio

We should not choose an average meal purely on calories, but a meal to feed our activity or lifestyle. Nobody will have a meal replacement at a party when there is beer, pizza, and greasy BBQ wings for that. The same principle applies when people choose an abstract “healthy” meal when their intentions are to get muscles or lose weight.  The ratios of carbs/proteins/fats is what should drive the selection of foods.


Here are some basic ideas based on four primary diet options:

  • 2000 cal. diet is the basis to sustain everyday life needs
  • High protein diets are recommended for bulking
  • Low Carb diets show faster effects on weight loss
  • Ketogenic (extremely low carb diets) are good for weight loss and brain work

2. Ingredients should be as natural as possible

We respect the advances in synthetic biology, but we also see a downside effect described in this post. Here is a short quote form it that highlights the problem:

“While humans and nature had thousands years for selection and tested solutions on multiple generations, newly found ingredients are tested in significantly shorter time frames.”

So, if you do not want to be a lab mouse in public tests of new ingredients, make your judgement wise. Read nutrition facts label!


3. Price goes far beyond the one on the price tag

Look a the alternative costs. As humans we crave for a variety and get easily bored eating or using one and only product. So when we buy some food to save money, but instead go out for a hamburger just to add some variety to our diet, we pay double price on food. Ridiculous, but it happens every day.  

Watch out for the food with one strong flavor or those intended to mix with one (for instance, milk) ingredient. It would be hard to diversify them, you may quickly get bored of them, abandon, and lose any savings effect you were looking for in the first place.  

If you cannot have a universal meal to serve as cold, hot, or chewed, look at the purchasing terms of this food/meal provider. Your service should allow you to migrate from one product to another keeping your accumulated discounts.

All other criteria are too subjective to discuss, so I shall stop here and just list some options you may want to compare:


Meal Replacement Table, 100%FOOD


What’s next?!

We still dream about the day when we have to choose what to have for dinner for pleasure only, and not to satisfy our cravings. This is a very universal need for all humans, that is to be fed every day in order to live and function properly.

We have been making progress toward a healthier, more nutritious future for all humans where the notion of food is judged less by form and more by nutrition value. We want to hear if we are moving in the right direction with our blends.

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Published at March 19th, 2017