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When humanity shifted from depressants (alcohol to kill microbes in the water) to stimulants (coffee / tea in boiled water) the world underwent a Renaissance. But since that time the role of stimulants seems to be overvalued.

We drink coffee in the morning to wake up instead of eating a proper breakfast, we drink cola with lunch for a pick-me-up, we get large doses of mate, guarana and caffeine when working late. Why do we have all of these stimulants yet feel exhausted by the end of the day?

Stimulants only apply to the nutrients. When we push the gas in a car – we expect the car to move forward, but not because of the pedal. A car moves due to the fuel and engine, only managed by pedal. Now fancy how fast or far a car could go without the right fuel? Diesel instead of regular or regular instead of premium? Such is the same with your food – either you eat the right food or you crash on junk.

But being complete isn’t everything. Imagine you fueled your car with bio-ethanol instead of regular gas. How would your car react? It may go far, or it may go even quicker. But was the car engine made for ethanol? Is it natural for the car made for regular to be fueled with ethanol? A wise man may suspect that some parts will need to be replaced soon. It’s the same with your body. Bioavailability. While humans and nature had thousands years for selection and tested solutions on multiple generations, newly found ingredients are tested in significantly shorter time frames.

Ok, sounds good so far…but how long would it take to make a proper meal? This is the challenge. Or should we say, was, the challenge. We set out to make food that can be prepared faster than a cup of coffee, but natural and full of nutrients.

We took a list of nutrients listed by FDA in 2000 cal diet that were recommended. We used seeds as the source of natural ingredients. Like pharmacists, we packed them into handy bottles so you could add water, shake and enjoy your lunch within 2 minutes.

Having sold it for months now, reaching $1 million in sales, we know we’re on the right track. People want this.

Eat Natural. Eat Complete. Eat Fast. Eat 100%FOOD.

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Aleh aka Spaceman
100%FOOD team

Published at June 8th, 2015