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Your nutritionally complete eating journey is about to begin. You will now be the first to learn about the health benefits of eating nutritionally complete meals, receive healthy recipes using 100%FOOD blends from our brand ambassadors, and get access to secret menu products and special offers.

We hope you will enjoy the convenience and simplicity of eating complete meals with 100%FOOD at home, work, and on the go. These comics we will guide you through our philosophy behind 100%FOOD, but first let me tell you how and why it was born.

The inspiration for 100%FOOD came when I moved to the US. I was faced with a problem - to eat I need to cook. Normally my wife handles the cooking, but while I was in the US I needed to find a way to eat healthily with my very limited culinary skills. I tried restaurant food, but eventually that made a negative impact on my wallet and was rather fatty. I needed something that I could grab, eat and forget. I wanted to eat like Astronauts... 



I took a FDA 2000 Cal Diet that listed Recommended Daily Intake of the nutrients that is considered to be sufficient to meet the requirements of 97–98% of healthy individuals in every demographic in the United States. I went to Whole Foods for natural ingredients (I wanted to eat healthy) and like pharmacist started mixing seeds to fit specification. For convenience I put the blend in a handy bottle, so I could just add water, shake and drink my meal.

Having spent a month on 100%FOOD solely I persuaded myself that it really works and developed a variety of blends for specific needs - energy, muscle gains, weight loss, etc. Coming to 1,000,000 bottles sold this spring I feel that 100%FOOD improves a lot of lives, and I hope yours too.


Aleh a.k.a. Spaceman,
100%FOOD from Space Nutrients Station,
Eat like Astronauts,
Eat 100 percent!

Published at May 11th, 2016