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March 20 marks the International Day without meat. A day when everyone is encouraged to experiment with a diet without meat. Why? What can you do? Read in this post and get our support!

 Going Vegan these days means more than cultural or ethical shift, it’s more about sustainability. By 2050, we will need to feed more than 10 billion people, requiring a 70% increase in global food production. Now look at this chart:




Should we all be Vegan?

Well, I’m not a vegan. I’m flexitarian: when I have a good option to eat plant-based meal, I will. So let me share my findings with you:

My favorite meat substitutes these days are the meatless burgers from Beyond meat (available in Whole Foods), fermented meat from Impossible Food (available at select restaurants in LA, SF, NY) and hemp-based veggie burger from Good Seed (available in more than 400 stores on South).


Second option was driven mostly by curiosity: the protein from insects. I cannot state that it’s as tasty as meatless burgers above, but I encourage you to try Cricket flour-based Exo bars, Bitty snacks, or just try to bake something from Cricket flours.


What about old school Tofu? I’m not a big fan, but everyday we see advances in this area. Let me recommend you to check SweetEarth for their artisan bowls, international burritos, and breakfast sandwiches made from Seitan.


What do we do for sustainability?

The organizers of the movement encourage people to live just for two days without meat. This will save 28 animals and 190,000 gallons of water per year. Complete elimination of animal products from diet of only one person saves 200 animals, 1,3 million gallons of water and 53,000 square feet of rain forests annually.


Get 2 days worth of meat-less meals on us!

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Your Green Spaceman,

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Published at March 19th, 2017